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Cardiac Rehab Guidance – Patient Version

On Monday 25 September 2017, SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guideline Network) published the patient information booklet – Cardiac Rehab. This is the third booklet in the series of six covering conditions within the topic of Coronary Heart Disease. The booklet explains the recommendations in the SIGN clinical guideline about: getting referred and assessed for cardiac rehab, […]

New Cardiac Rehab Guideline Published

A new SIGN Guideline, SIGN 150: Cardiac rehabilitation, was published on 26th July. This guideline provides evidence-based recommendations and best practice guidance on the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation. It includes: Recommendations on assessment Health behaviour change techniques Lifestyle risk factor management Psychosocial health Vocational rehabilitation Medical risk management The full Guideline is available to download […]

New Heart Disease Guideline Published

A new SIGN Guideline, SIGN 149: Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, was published on 26th July. The guideline provides recommendations on estimation of cardiovascular risk and interventions to reduce this risk in people with and without established CVD. It covers: Adopting a Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil and/or unsalted […]