Putting Scotland's Health on the Web

About SHOW


Our mission is to be a premium quality service, creating and providing Web Sites and Solutions within the NHS Scotland.

Our History

Scotland’s Health On the Web (SHOW), now located at Gyle Square, Edinburgh, originated as part of an EU-funded Project as a collaboration between Heriot-Watt University and the Scottish Health Service. As part of the FEST and following CHIN projects, information networks were developed that became part of NHS Scotland information provision [1].

The current service manager (Gavin Venters) created some of the earliest health related websites – for the Royal Infirmary, Lanarkshire and Lothian Health Boards as project lead under Professor Howard Williams. The success of present day SHOW depends on the hard work of many NHSScotland web teams and the support of NSS and eHealth.

In the early days, the service operated from an O’Reilly Web Site Professional webserver and received over 8000 hits in its first month of operation. Now running in a modern data-centre provided by AOA in Livingston, the SHOW service receives over 40 million hits per month.

Our Customer Base

Customer requirements have grown more sophisticated over the years too – we now offer our own content management solutions and SQL server and My SQL databases and also support a variety of customer sourced products such as Immediacy, Oracle and the Immediacy CMS. Samples of sites we developed and host can be found in our <>


The SHOW Team currently hosts over 400 sites for our clients, Online Recruitment is now on version 4 and is used by every board in the UK as well as by hospices, independent contractors and others and, we have moved from static sites to offering a variety of web applications on a range of technical platforms. (hyperlink for products)

What can SHOW do

SHOW can provide you with a whole range hosting and development services to suit your needs. Feel free to get in touch using the contact us link or email us directly (nss.showteam@nhs.net) and one of our team members will be happy to help.


[1] Co-operative Health Information Networks in Europe: Experiences from Greece and Scotland, Efthimios Tambouris, MSc, M. Howard Williams, DSc, and Constantin Makropoulos, Dr-Ing, J Med Internet Res 200 Apr-Jun: 2(2):e11