Putting Scotland's Health on the Web

External Links

Types of site linked to

Sites to which NHS Scotland/SHOW link to are outwith the control of NHS Scotland/SHOW and as such no warranties are made for any site which is linked to on NHS Scotland/SHOW. However, we do endeavour to ensure that we only link to high quality Internet information sources. In order to do this we make an effort to ensure that the resources that we link to fulfill the criteria outlined in this policy. Our aim is to promote access to health information that will allow users to play a participative role in their healthcare.

There are four classes of link that are linked to on NHS Scotland/SHOW:

  • NHS Scotland/SHOW participating Organisations
  • NHS and allied organisations
  • Government Sites
  • External Internet Sites

NHS Scotland/SHOW will normally provide links to the first three categories of site on request except where the site is in clear breach of good practice or presents information which in the opinion of the SHOW Steering Group is inappropriate or misleading. External websites will be linked to on request which are from organisations that are of sufficient standing for their inclusion to be uncontroversial (e.g. Royal Colleges and the websites of refereed academic journals) and sites on which it is reasonable to assume that there is a QA procedure in place which is at least on a level with the HON Code guidelines. Links may be added to sites which do not meet these criteria at the discretion of the SHOW editorial group or if appropriate the SHOW steering group. Such sites will normally be subject to scrutiny by the Discern instrument to assess their fitness for inclusion.


A weighting scheme will be applied to penalise sites which in the opinion of the SHOW team do not meet accessibility criteria. Although such sites may be linked to, their position in listings will be lower that other similar sites which do meet accessibility criteria.