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SIGN Patient Information Booklet for Adults with Autism

SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) have published the first patient information booklet of the guideline SIGN 145 ASSESSMENT, DIAGNOSIS AND INTERVENTIONS FOR AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS.

The new booklet AUTISM: A BOOKLET FOR ADULTS, PARTNERS, FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS AND CARERS is the first booklet SIGN have published specifically for adults who may be going through the diagnosis process for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or who have already been diagnosed. The booklet explains the recommendations in the guideline about diagnosis and the approaches that can help after diagnosis. It gives information about the care people are likely to get and can expect. The booklet will also be of interest to partners, friends, family, carers and employers.

A patient version of the guideline for young people is currently due for publication in January 2017, with the parents/carers booklet scheduled for publication in February 2017.

Link: http://www.sign.ac.uk/pdf/PAT145_adults.pdf


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